Extractions, Sinus Lifts, and Bone Grafts

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Dr. John Fonseca Provides High Quality Dental Care in Santa Fe, NM - Fonseca DentistryBesides the routine dental services offered at Fonseca Dentistry, we also go much further. Dr. Fonseca offers surgical care to meet your needs.


There are some situations where extracting a tooth is the best option for pain relief and controlling infection. Dr. Fonseca makes this procedure as comfortable as possible, removing your painful tooth quickly and efficiently. His goals are minimizing your discomfort and safeguarding your health. Missing a tooth can create complications with bite changes and appearance, and it is recommended to plan on replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant to avoid these issues. The first step in this process is to place a bone graft in the area where the tooth is extracted.

Bone Grafts

Dental implants are a popular option for tooth replacement. However, some patients lack the bone structure to accept dental implants since bone loss can occur from gum disease and tooth loss. Surgical bone grafting commonly done at the time of tooth extraction can restore lost bone, providing the foundation you need for dental implants.

Sinus Lifts

When replacing upper posterior teeth it may be necessary to increase the space needed to place an implant. A sinus lift creates the room needed to confidently place an implant and replace any missing teeth in the area.

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