Periodontal Treatments

Comprehensive Gum Therapy in Santa Fe, NM

Gum Therapy in Santa Fe, NM - Fonseca DentistryIt is all too easy to neglect your gums – until you begin having problems. However, periodontal care is just as essential as other types of dental care. Your gums can quickly become inflamed or infected, and poor gum health can have body-wide consequences. Additionally, gum disease is a top cause of tooth loss.

At Fonseca Dentistry, our team is dedicated to achieving and maintaining healthy gums for our patients. We provide a range of periodontal therapies, including deep cleanings beneath your gums to remove pockets of bacteria and debris.

If you notice bleeding gums, gum pain, swollen gums, or any other issues, please call us right away at (505) 438-8088. Dr. Fonseca can help.